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About Me

The continuing adventures of a man and his walrus. In the immortal words of John Cougar, 'Two shlemiels doin' the best they can.'. Buddy feels he's 'made it' at his job as a Junior admin assistant at the local asbestos factory, while Walrus feels he's wasted his life at the cannery, stuffing sardines into little cans all day. Such is their dynamic, Buddy the eternal optimist, Walrus the misanthropic, malcontent. However, Buddy and Walrus don't go through life in total isolation mind you, along the way they encounter many interesting characters; there's the Postman, a laconic sage-like character, with a mysterious past, whom they met at the deli around the corner; the industrious Mr. Tsing, who runs the swingin' hot dog shack they frequent daily for their black coffee; Then there's Parsley, Buddy's on again off again girlfriend, who has a penchant for tearing down Buddy's self-esteem; and of course there's Goldberg the goldfish who lives in Walrus's pond,a retired comic from the Catskills. So sit back, relax, have a cup of steaming black coffee and enjoy yourself as you enter their complex world. They're all fine folks one and all I assure you, and they're anxious to meet you!